Please contact us if you are interested in a hands-on training course on calculating EPx predictions for ERA using the DeEP tool.

The latest training course was held at 32nd SETAC conference in Copenhagen:

Introducing user-friendly DEB-TKTD modelling software for European Environmental Risk Assessment

This course introduces a newly developed, user-friendly software for predicting the impacts of pesticides on non-target species.

Using toxicokinetic-toxicodynamic models based on dynamic energy budget theory (DEB-TKTD models), the software predicts the effects of a given exposure profile on growth and reproduction. Crucially, it allows easy prediction of the exposure multiplication factor leading to X% reduction in any of these endpoints (the EPx). DEB-TKTD models are viewed by EFSA as a promising tool for ecological risk assessment (ERA), but the lack of user-friendly tools has so far been a major obstacle to their use by risk assessors. 

The course will comprise short lectures, demonstrations, hands on exercises, and Q & A sessions. Lectures will provide the necessary background on the model theory and describe the intended applications of DEB-TKTD models in ERA and how to interpret the outputs. An introductory software demonstration will be given before participants can try using the software to make predictions with example data sets.